Our Company Strongly Values:

  • Positive Attitude

  • Discipline

  • Service Excellence

  • Team Work

About LAC

Latin American Cargo (LAC) is a freight forwarding company that has been providing specialized cargo shipping services and freight solutions for over 20 years. Our service excellence philosophy places us amongst the very best international shipping companies helping exporters and importers that are currently shipping to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Our company’s success comes from both, our solid understanding of the Latin American market and our specialized approach. Every member of the Latin American Cargo team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and safe transportation of our customers’freight with one thing in mind only: total customer satisfaction. Whether you’re planning on shipping freight to or from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil or any other country in Latin America, go LAC, We offer the best freight shipping solutions in the market.

Our Vision

“To become the preferred and most recognized North American freight forwarder specialized in helping companies ship to and from Latin America”

Our Mission

“To serve our customers in ways no other logistics company has ever done before.”

Our Team

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the transportation and logistics fields. We are all committed to constant growth by always keeping up to date with latest training and information available in our industry. At Latin American Cargo we understand the importance of team work, and we are very proud to belong to a team of super achievers. Each one of our associates offers significant contributions to the continuous success of our company.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. I sincerely believe in my company’s mission; I fulfil it every day and through every action. Regardless of the circumstances, nothing deflects me from my company’s mission because I recognize that a company without a mission is meaningless.
  2. My customer is my priority. I sincerely realize that among hundreds of companies in the market, my customer chose my company to help him; I take this generous offer with gratitude, accountability and an honest desire to always serve my customer beyond his expectations.
  3. I have a winner’s attitude; I am a positive thinker who accepts every challenge with courage and determination. Every day of my life I feed my mind with positive thoughts because I know that a positive mind will always win.
  4. I belong to a team of super achievers where no one is more important than the other. Each one of us has different talents that when put together make us unbeatable. I understand the importance of teamwork and I strongly believe that only through working together we will prevail.
  5. I am a dedicated learner who is constantly growing because I truly recognize that the more knowledge I have the more I am capable of. My knowledge and desire to learn and improve are my best allies on my quest to success.
  6. I am a self motivated and independent associate who does not need to be managed. I have the initiative to take action and enough dedication to always bring out the best of my abilities.
  7. I am responsible and punctual. I am always available to my company and to my customers because I recognize that to be successful in the service industry I need to be committed and constantly ready to help.
  8. I am a hard worker who understands the importance of preparation and dedication. I know that the greatest accomplishments in life are only possible through hours of sacrifice and that no worthy achievement is easy. Regardless of the challenges ahead, if I work hard enough I will get what I want out of life.
  9. I am a very organized individual who is always looking for ways to improve the systems in place. I recognize that having good work habits and paying attention to detail I can be much more efficient and we can easily beat the competition.
  10. I am a sales oriented associate who is always looking for opportunities to grow the business I am part of; I recognize that the more my company grows, the more I will grow.


  • “One of the things I appreciate the most when doing business with LAC is their availability and their response time. No matter what time of the day I will always get either a call back or an email”
    Albert K.
  • “The heritage of the Latin American Cargo team together with their North American business ethics makes my Latin American customers feel more confident and at ease”
    Susan Dorian
  • “I am totally convinced that in order to thrive in any field you need to have the help and the support of the experts; that is the reason I choose to do business with Latin American Cargo”
    Rick Williams
  • “You guys are so knowledgeable, so friendly and nice to work with. Working with people that are always willing to help and that make the process so simple is definitely a great advantage”
    Harry Keen