shipping to Canada


You will be better communicated with your customers and/or suppliers. Our Bicultural Identity is your best connection with Latin America.


You will not have to deal with the difficulties that may arise due to the complexity of the Latin American Market. We know what to do and how to do it for you.


You will be given expert support. Our superior knowledge of the market offers you specialized and cost effective solutions.


You will get a 24/7 faster and reliable service. We are always available and ready to help you expedite your shipments.

Your Solution For Reliable and Easy Shipping of Cargo To Canada

Are you shipping to Canada as a onetime deal or as part of your ongoing requirements? Latin American Cargo will ensure that your cargo will arrive on time and securely. We always deliver on our promises.
We have a deep understanding of the freight forwarding industry as well as the local culture. This allows us to provide our clients with end-to-end services that are superior to any other shipping company in the region.
If you want to penetrate the Canadian market, we are the right company for you. We go above and beyond what traditional freight-forwarding companies offer and are equipped to facilitate our clients in the penetration of the Canadian market.

Why Choose Latin American Cargo?

We understand Canada and speak the language. If you are looking for a company that has a thorough understanding of logistics and freight forwarding, Latin American Cargo is the company for you. We offer specialized services that are cost effective.

We combine a wealth of experience in the industry as well as skills and local connections to provide our clients with the most efficient means of getting into the Canadian market.

Some quick facts on how we can help support your business in Canada

Canada remains America’s largest trading partner to date. The country is the leading importer of products from 36 of the 50 states in the US. It is therefore a logical choice for anyone looking to grow business.
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) also enables the trading of products through to North American states. This makes Canada a logical choice for establishing a business based on imports from the south.
Canada’s demand for imported products continues to grow even as its government continues to encourage foreigners to set up their businesses in the country.

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