We make cargo shipping to Mexico easy and reliable

Whether your intention to export to Mexico is a unique situation or the result of a business expansion with ongoing requirements, Latin American Cargo delivers on its promise to ensure that your shipments arrive securely and on time. Our cargo shipping and moving services to or from Mexico is reliable and professional.

Our thorough understanding of the logistics process enables us to provide our clients with a superior end-to-end service that is driven by our understanding of both the freight forwarding industry and the Mexican culture.

The reliable resource you need for penetrating into the Mexican market!

Going beyond the limited services offered by traditional freight-forwarding companies, the team at Latin American Cargo is even equipped to facilitate the process of our clients’ penetration into the Mexican market.


What makes Latin American Cargo your ideal partner?

We understand the Mexican culture and speak the language Our trained associates have a thorough understanding of the logistics process You can depend on a freight forwarding solution that is both specialized and cost effective.

Our combined experience, knowledge and connections provide our clients with an efficient means for breaking into the Mexican market.


Quick facts that support your decision to expand your business into Mexico

An estimated population of 112 million people positions Mexico as the 11th most populous country in the world USA has a strategic geographical location, making expansion into this market a sound business decision for both Canada and the U.S.

USA has reached a level of political maturity and economic stability, currently ranking in the top three emerging markets for doing business

USA has demonstrated a predictable and stable economic growth

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has facilitated trading with Mexico, which now ranks as the third largest trading partner with the U.S.