Doing business that requires the shipping of vehicles or heavy-duty equipment? LAC’s RORO solution is your best bet for speedy, safe and reliable cross water movement.
If you’re familiar with this industry you probably already know that RORO, or roll-on/roll-off, offers the safest and most hassle-free global vehicle movement service. With RORO, you can move any vehicle regardless of size and type from one international port to another.
Port Cartagena is the port of choice for many who do shipping business with Colombia, and a quick survey of the port will quickly reveal why. As Colombia’s largest port in the Caribbean, Cartagena is among Colombia’s most active tourism and trading sites.


What makes lac the best fit for your vehicle transportation needs?

With LAC, you get the advantage of our well-equipped fleet of carriers, which are strategically designed to facilitate the RORO process. Your vehicle, therefore, can easily drive on and off our port landing points for easy off-loading and on-loading. But you also get more. Your cargo is handled by a team with the top level of expertise in the business.
Our industry-leading professional services extend to all departure locations and unit types. As movers of both static and mobile cargo, we ensure that your item gets to your desired destination safely.

Explore your Destination

Cartagena is strategically located and equipped to facilitate the smooth transition of vehicles from carrier to port. LAC’s Cartagena operations are therefore able to move your cargo, be it an oversized crane or a car without problems. Our specialists use modern state of the art methods and equipment to ensure that your unit gets into Colombia easily.

RORO or LOLO, Which Should You Use?

Well, quite frankly it depends on what your expectations are. LOLO, which means lift-on/lift-off, includes the loading of the unit onto a platform which is then lifted by a crane and moved from the carrier to the port. This is facilitated by the design of the vessels and the infrastructure at the port. The trouble with LOLO is that not only is it disconcerting to consider your property being lifted and moved but it is usually a more tedious process than RORO. Additionally, while LOLO can appear cheaper on the face of it, hidden costs can quickly drive your total costs up. RORO is therefore by far the simpler option.

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